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Established in 2005, PHYSIOWORKS provides quality care and assistance to physical therapy patients in the South Bay. Professional service, personal attention, and years of experience have earned PHYSIOWORKS an excellent reputation amongst its clients and within the health care community. Each patient receives one-on-one treatments by a highly-skilled physical therapist without the use of aides. This unique approach enables each patient to achieve optimal results by working directly with one of our trained PT’s throughout their entire recovery program.

PHYSIOWORKS offers an array of services encompassing all orthopaedic needs including neck and upper/lower back pain; shoulder and knee injuries; tennis elbow; ankle, foot and hip injuries; arthritic conditions; and wrist and hand disorders. Additionally, we feature services specifically designed for rehabilitation to pre- and post-surgical patients.

Each physical therapist at PHYSIOWORKS has over 12 years experience, as well as advanced training in treating orthopaedic and sports-related injuries. To best facilitate each patient’s functional goals, PHYSIOWORKS provides hands-on manual therapy techniques in addition to prescribing a personalized exercise regimen along with instruction.

We understand you have a choice of many physical therapy clinics in the area. However, few utilize the same level of personalization we employ in treating each patient. We feel the patient deserves the undivided attention of our physical therapists in a one-one-one setting, which enables them to return to optimal health and physical performance faster.


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